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The Concept

If you could go back in time, where would you wander?

Imagine evenings spent in a majestic tea house, set amidst opulent gardens.

Or picturesque moments by an elegant fountain sculpture.

Or catch the evening sun as it casts majestic shadows along corridors and arches.

Tuan Legacy will immerse you in white-washed structures of a bygone era, intricate architectural details and the promise of a serene living atmosphere. Yet, within its distinct Straits Colonial flavour, you’ll find all the trappings of contemporary living.

The Location

A ‘historic retreat’, mere 20 minutes from the city centre

Inspired by the classic Straits Colonial concept, the facade is uncluttered
yet stately. Vertical fins give the tower a modern persona as well as a slimmer appearance, while the choice of soft pastel colours add to the sense of nostalgia, complementing the overall theme.

The tower houses 16 residential units per floor with a total of 596 units of various specifications available to choose from.


Majestic features with bespoke appointments

Sales Gallery

The Colonial Experience