A contemporary abode
invites you

‘Tuan’ is a living concept that blends ‘grandness’ with retro – Malaysian influences and modern conveniences. This is clear the moment you step in and experience the unique vibe that is presented via decorations, interior design and use of space.

• While the linear exterior hints at contemporary architecture, the interior presents the true character of Tuan.

• Tuan Residency is more than just a home; it’s also a stylish landmark that stands proud along Jalan Ipoh.

• Drive past the welcome arches and you’ll be greeted by rows of shady trees amid a park-like environment.

...to experience a world
of pleasant contrasts

At the grand lobby, pastel colours find harmony with timeless patterns, while elegantly crafted decorations and ironware hint at bygone years.

Majestically, Tuan exudes a modern charm and an undercurrent of luxury that is evident everywhere you see. It is a statement of class and values – immortalized in brick and mortar.

• The grand lobby echoes of modern elegance with touches of retro influences.

• Classic porcelain wall decorations make great conversation starters.

Here, state-of-the-art
features do more...

Soak in the pool as you enjoy mesmerizing views of the city under the setting sun.

Tuan allows you to enjoy the comforts of living with complete clubhouse facilities – perfect for the whole family.

• Retro-inspired architecture makes its way to the clubhouse podium with elegant arches and structures.

• The Olympic-sized infinity pool overlooks the entire Kuala Lumpur city skyline.

...than just take
your breath away;

Little things can make big impressions. Even the gym is designed to make a bold statement; thoroughly modern inside yet completely elegant on the outside.

• The 3000sq. ft gym sits within a garden of lush greens.

They also take you back in time...

Step onto the SkyDeck and you’ll be transported back in time. Generous retro influences can be seen in the designs here to put you at absolute ease.

Great effort is taken to ensure that the settings perfectly complement the awe-inspiring urban panorama.

• The SkyDeck is just the place to be, to enjoy quiet evenings in the company of shimmering city lights.

Here, living is a
majestic adventure...

The retro experience is taken a step further at the Memory Lane, an exclusive feature at Tuan Residency and a tribute to an era that we can all enjoy and relate to.

Here, you’ll find a collection of 9 traditional games and relaxation zones that residents can explore every day.

• The Congkak is fast becoming a rare sight. With the creation of a‘Memory Lane’, Tuan Residency plays the role of a caretaker – keeping precious traditions alive.

• Set along a 200-metre corridor, the ‘Memory Lane’ is the only one of it’s kind in the country.

• Traditional Malaysian games are truly captivating. They easily bring people together, regardless of age.

...inviting you to experience

the warmth of private spaces

Step into your home and you will be captivated by the abundance of space, courtesy of high ceilings and the open design concept. The use of smart features at home is yet another testament to the artful blending of modern and classic features you will find throughout Tuan Residency.

...and explore
the glitter of city lights

Tuan offers unrivalled convenience, thanks to its excellent strategic location between Jalan Kuching and Jalan Ipoh. Being just 20 minutes away from the city means having easy access to shopping, banking, commercial and recreational conveniences. The unrivalled location also makes a positive impact on the value of this unique residential development in the years to come.